Yesterday I witnessed the most beautiful thing.  There in the hard ground springing forth were two little flowers blooming ever so slightly.

I have never really noticed “spring” before.  Not that I wasn’t observant, but living in a sunny climate for the last 10 years I saw flowers throughout the whole year.

Moving up to the Great Northwest just two months ago I have witnessed many changes, but perhaps the biggest change has happened inside of me.

Appreciation for the raindrops that fall from the sky making this part of the world beautiful shades of green.  Appreciation for the snow flakes that float down covering the earth with a beautiful white blanket.

Spending time with my granddaughter and watching her grow and change each week.

Taking the ferry across to my island home where I look out upon the waters from my desk as I write this.

I couldn’t have imagined a life like this a year or two ago.  Surrounded by love and beauty each day.  I always knew that 2017 would be an amazing year if I just opened my heart for new adventure.  So here I am, in a new place that I call home realizing that I am grateful for what I witness and observe.

And just as those flowers broke through and strived to live, I am like that flower, growing and blooming where I have been planted.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy