Last Tuesday was my last long run before my first half marathon in Phoenix.  I kind of felt like Forrest Gump (run, forrest, run!).  I left my home in Palm Springs and before I knew it I was running in Cathedral City, then back up through Palm Springs, down Sunrise to the mountain, up Murray Canyon and back home…all in all it was a little over 12 miles. 

I  love looking back at the progress I have made since I first began training in August.  With the encouragement of my “coach” Alba, who has many marathons under her belt, I have continued to make great strides.

During my class at IVHP later that day I told the class that we all have that inner critic that tells us can will fail at something or that we aren’t good enough.  And it comes out very often when one tries to write their life story.  Suddenly life becomes to busy to write, or you worry about what others will say or think.

I too, had that inner critic when I first started training.  I told myself that I was not a runner and that it was too hard.  I should just stick with my bike, but slowly but surely I ran more and more each week until I can run like I did today. 

I am already planning on doing a double weekend in February of on the 11th bike riding in the Tour de Palm Springs 56 miler and then the next day running the Palm Springs Half Marathon.  Now I am thinking of doing a few more halfs in 2012 and maybe in 2013 set my goal on completing a full marathon…I say Go for it!

And how about you, what are you waiting for on starting that ever important memoir?  I am here to support you every step of the way!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy