In case you don’t receive my newsletter, I wanted to also mention on my blog that one of my students will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Democratic Women of the Desert.  Magdalena is an amazing woman who has struggled all her life to see women move forward.  Here are a few words from Magdalena:

 My main concern has always been working for the betterment of women.  I am Democrat.  That does now limit me in any sense to work for other women; anymore than being Catholic limits me working for Protestant women.  It is not my affialiation to any party or religious party that makes me work for women.  It is the need to advance women to the level they deserve.  Women are still underemployed; do not have the opportunities for advancement in employment;  Wal-Mart has another class action lawsuit.  Women are the major caregivers and little compensation.  I was born poor, but I never ambitioned to be rich.  I wanted a comfortable life and we lived it.  The only luxury I allowed myself was my Lincoln Towncar; I had three of them.

I am proud to be the first Latina to achieve being elected to a position; member of the Palo Verde Community College; being selected by Republican Al McCandless, Riverside Supervisor, to the Commission of Women for Riverside County and to work to open the first house for women against domestic violence in Riverside.  While attending San Diego State, I interned in the City of El Centro and became their first Affirmative Officer and had women hired where positions were for men; including the first female police officer.  I also had a minority male Police Officer hired; he was Asian.  It is upsetting that women have not taken their place in this world yet, even working over forty years for it.  But it is happening.  Once change occurs; there is no turning back.  You can blog this for me; if you wish.  Love.  mm
Thank you Magdalena for all you have done for women.  You are an inspiration to so many I am  so glad you have come into my life.  I love hearing you read your life stories in class.
For those of you who would like to support Magdalena  for the 2011 Women Honoring Women Awards here is the information:
Sunday, June 12 at 2 pm
Bellatrix Restaurant at the Classic Club in Palm Desert
This will be a high tea and awards and silent auction
The cost is a minimum donation of $30.00
RSVP no later than June 6
Call 760-200-4126 or email
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