Time really does go by quickly…hard to believe that my youngest son turns 22 today!  Kevin is my youngest of 4 children and he has always been so much fun.  I remember when he was little boy and I would take him and his brothers and sister to Chuck E. Cheese, whenever we would leave there would be lots of little girls saying: Bye Kevin!  He made friends every place we went!

When it came time to learn how to ride a two wheeler.  I expected to have to hold on to the seat 20 0r 30 times up and down the street while he learned to get his balance.  He took off and when I let go off he went.  He was a natural, he never needed another push again!

I have a video of him that I love to watch.  He was probably about 18 months old and he put this play bucket on his head and then he would pop it off and have a squishy ball in his teeth.  We would all laugh and laugh.  He was so funny!

Speaking of videos, one night I was working and his dad was watching him and his dad video taped him with my lipstick all over his mouth.  On the video his dad says, “Kev…were you in mommy’s make up?”  And with a straight face Kevin (at the age of around 3) says very seriously…”No!”

Every family should have a Kev…lots of smiles and laughs.

Kevin, the next time we are together we need to watch the videos!

I love you son,

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy