I was perusing some pictures I had last week and this one jumped out at me.  I love looking at pictures of my family and since today is my sister Sandy’s 50th birthday I thought I would dedicate todays blog to her!  I would definitely not be the person I am today without the support of my sister.  Growing up with Sandy was so much fun.  Here we are in this picture on one of our many camping adventures, I am the one holding my dog, Sam.  Sandy was the one who always had the good ideas.  Most of the time these ideas seemed to get us into trouble, but she was always great at figuring a way out of it!  Even though we now live several hundred miles from each other I know that she is just a phone call away.  I can tell my sister anything and know that she will not judge me or criticize me.  I have so many wonderful memories of our growing up years together…remember that time when I was in 6th grade and you were probably in 9th grade and we were swimming at the pool at Andrew Hill and this strange boy came out of no where and kissed you and I cried out to him:  “I’m going to tell my mom!”  I laugh at some of the funny things that has happened over the years you have been my sister.  Thanks for always being on my side and for holding all my secrets close to your heart.  Have a super great 50th birthday all day today and now you are so lucky because just like the SNL skit, you can kick up your leg and say…”I’m 5o!!”  Love you sis!  Thanks for being you!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy