kurt and cdog hiking2 me and kurt before run IMG_0975 IMG_0988 IMG_1887 IMG_2154 IMG_2157Kurt Michael…

It is hard for me to imagine that you are now 26 years old. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I held you for the first time. Your birth was my most memorable for so many reasons…like your other 2 siblings you were also 2 weeks overdue, but never in my wildest imagination would I have imagined your birth to have happened the way it did.

Laying in bed after your older siblings were put to bed, I recorded my contractions in the Reader’s Digest I was reading. The pain was bearable, but since I was so tired I fell asleep, not knowing you would be making your grand entrance like you did.

I awoke around 2 am on January 7th, knowing you were ready. I awoke your dad and said, “the baby is coming!” He quickly went into “get me to the hospital mode” and said he would get your brother and sister into the car and take them to grandma’s house before our 7 mile drive to the hospital.

With the pain intense now, I said, “no, the baby is coming NOW!” and with that the rest is history. After a few pushes you made your entrance into the world and into my heart.

The pure joy I felt when I held your warm little body is the same joy I feel each time I see you or talk to you now.

It is really true when my Palm Springs students met you and told me later that you were a real mensch. The kindness and gentleness you show forth to everyone you meet warms my heart.

I am proud of the man you have become and look forward to the day I get to see you again, Happy Birthday son…




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