My baby turns 10 today!  It seems like just yesterday I took Kurt and Kevin to go and look at the cute puppies!  Courtney has been by my side through some of my major turning points in my life.  I met with a dear friend yesterday who had a dog that Courtney loved and adored.  Her dog passed away a year ago and as we shared our memories together I realized that we never know how long we will have our pets.  Her dog, Yindi, was younger than Courtney.  So as I hold and hug on my baby today I am grateful that she came into my life.  Today in your writing remember the pets you have had throughout your lifetime.  I love my baby and I know that I have such great memories of her.  When I was teaching 3rd grade I would have my students put their vocabulary  words into stories using Courtney as the star.  Every two weeks the students would take home a new “book” that was spiral bound that included not only their vocabulary story but also the stories of the other students.  Courtney’s Vocabulary Adventures are all located in my office if you want to see them, they are adorable!  So Courtney, this blog is dedicated to you and I know you will have an amazing birthday today!!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy