What a blast today was!  Today was one of my favorite half marathons.  I love the Rock N Roll half marathons.  They are always well organized and bands and cheerleaders all throughout the whole route. 

I told my daughter we would “run” it together, since on the 4 we have done together we start out together and then I make my move and jump ahead!  (I love winning in competitions!!). 

Things I have learned from this half marathon: First of all, I wasn’t trained enough for this one since the summer I have really had to taper off my runs due to excessive heat.  It had been 16 days since my last run so my muscles almost forgot how to run a long distance! 

The second lesson I learned was that maybe the shoe guy knew what he was talking about when he told me that I probably shouldn’t wear my new shoes to run a 13 mile race.  He went on to tell me that he did that with his new Brooks shoes and his calves hurt for three whole days.  Hmmm, I thought, how much does he know…well, guess what, yep he was right…I can feel it in my calves!

The third lesson I learned was actually one that I learned via my daughter.  On Mile 5 she told me that she had to use the restroom.  I told her to wait until mile 6 because we would be running right by my hotel and she could run in and use the bathroom.  She told me she couldn’t wait so in she went into the porta-potty.  I patiently waited up wind from the odor…when she came out she informed me she threw up it was so bad…then just telling me about it she got queesy again and tossed her cookies again or oatmeal or whatever she had that morning.  The lesson learned was if you have to use a porta-potty do so first thing in the morning before all the runners use it…back in and drop shorts and go all the time while holding your breath…quickly finish and jump out before smells enter your nostrils.  I made the mistake once of looking and I almost threw up, too.

The fourth lesson I learned was sometimes it is better to have a good time then to try to beat your previous record.  We took pictures at every mile marker and even slowed down to admire all the dogs along the route.  We stopped to see her two boys she babysits for in their halloween costumes cheering us on! 

So now that the race is over it is epsom salt soaks and then icing of the knees…a great time!


"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy