“I got up this morning and my kitchen looked like a pirate’s  treasure with all kinds of yummy foods from Trader Joe’s – all Easter gifts from  my magnificent nephew Andy Pandy who surprised me. He carried in three big bags  and sought places to store in my teeny-weeny dollhouse trailer. My concept of  family has been zilch for so long – sadly, distance and lack of communication  prevail. Everyone’s drifted away.    Andy came in like a big  breath of spring: tall, handsome and charismatic. The little treasure in his arms  was a magnificent little well-behaved 3 year old fellow called Connor – I  haven’t seen or been close to a child in ages. What joy to pick him up, hold him  close and bounce him on my knee and  sing to him. I changed into Father  Goose for brief moments acting very silly and using a high pitched voice a la  Jeanette Macdonald to make him laugh. I marveled at the comraderie between daddy  and son – it touched my heart – one of those wonderful loving, caring moments I  don’t experience any more. Connor was so wonderfully inquisitive and insisted on  seeing the wheels that hold up my mobile home. He was very forthright about what  he didn’t like (my pink lemonade, my “stinky” bathroom and missing his Mommy) I  only wished their visit would never end.   My memory skipped back to a  time when Andy Pandy was a small child. I once had the chance to babysit for him  when he was five or six – a Ricky Shroeder lookalike. His Mom couldn’t find a  baby sitter so she asked me if I’d care of him for the day. I was petrified but  thrilled and asked him what he wanted to do – so we went to McDonald’s for lunch  and I then asked him what movie he wanted to see. He replied “Rambo” and off we  went. His mother later had a fit when she heard where we’d been. He was an angel  then and still is today at 38 and 6 foot 4″ and officially called   Andrew Conway McCabe – a workmen’s compensation lawyer in San Francisco. My  heart is full today. The two Easter bunnies restored my faith in humanity. I feel  like I can soar and almost touch the sky. Life feels so  good.  pedro easter  
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