Fabrics of Life

Cotton undies, on a 3 year old girl, tawny hair hanging like a waterfall as she leans in to
 drink from the garden hose.
Hand me down boy jeans, with holes in the knees and hems rolled into a 4 inch cuff, the
seven year-old squints into the sun with her braided blonde hair mussed by outdoor play.
Easter dresses, crafted from pastel organza, white patent shoes and a fluffy pompom
perched on the side of her snowy knit cap, are captured in black and white photos.
Pale jeans on my big brother, a skinny belt and tee shirt sleeves rolled carefully above his
blossoming biceps.
Light cotton, aqua dotted with red and yellow miniature roses, first made a full skirt worn
 over two starched petticoats, swishing back and forth when she walked to junior high.
Leftover fabric fashioned into aprons with rick-rack and and pockets kept Mom neat while
baking so many cookies, cakes and pies.
A splashy tropical print of purple, the matching top and pants were accented with a broad
yellow sash for a school luau.
An ivory peau de soie gown on her wedding day, might have been made by her mother,
had there been more time.
"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy