Seven Women

The four young women sat and looked out over the golf course.  They were waiting for their table for dinner and sipping a few cocktails.   They were laughing and chit-chatting as women are apt to do.  To the left sat three matronly ladies, well dressed, also drinking their evening cocktails and laughing and chatting while they waited for their table.

Do you think they are sisters?

That’s what we’ll be like in a few years.  

Do you think they still golf?

What do you suppose their stories are?

The younger women chatted on about the older ladies, wondering what brought them here and what stage of life they were in.

Are the divorced?


Mother and daughters?

I hope I look that good at that age!

Three older ladies sat off to the side of the golf course watching a foursome of younger women.

I wonder what brings them here? 

Do you think they are sisters?

Remember when we laughed like that and enjoyed our days like they do!

Wouldn’t you love to know their stories?

After dinner both groups sat and chatted, finishing up drinks and tidbits of dinner. 

As they left, one of the younger ladies approached the older ladies and said that they had watched them and chatted about how we would be them in a few years.  The older ladies grinned and said we were watching you, too, and commented about how we could have been you twenty years ago.  Introductions were made all around and names and relationships discussed. 

When the younger ladies were ready to leave, the Grand Dame of the group asked her friend (a minister) to bless us.  As everyone joined hands, she thanked God for women and for women who were friends, she thanked God for safe travel and being able to get together with good women friends and she asked God to watch over all the women who were our friends. 

The younger ladies left with a renewed spirit, knowing that time and age would not diminish their friendship.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy