My mom told me that I could have the chance to tell my side of the story since it is about  my little friend “Apple” and me also featured to the right.  Last night my mom was taking us out for an evening stroll when all of a sudden Apple spied a wild dog on the porch of a house.  Being the little half pint that she is she immediately began to growl and bark and act bigger than she is.  This dog, with one eye, I might add, jumped off the porch and before I could say dog biscuit made a lunge for my little friend Apple.  Without even a second thought of the danger I jumped in the middle and tried to fend off this big dog.  My mom was screaming and trying to get the dog off me and when she finally did she carried me into the house.  We were all shaking and scared, I tried not to cry too much.  Apple kept licking me and checking to see if I was ok.  My mom surveyed me from snout to tail and discovered that I had a gash on my neck.  She quickly jumped into the car and rushed me right away to the Emergency Hospital.  I lay in her arms very quiet so she would not worry so much.  Finally after what seemed like hours a very nice vet came to check me very thoroughly.  She discovered that I had two punctures on the side of my neck (in the picture my mom is putting a warm compress on my owies).  The vet shaved my neck and sent my mom home with some strict instructions on how to care for my wounds.  I was given some strong antibiotics and pain killers and by this time I was kind of out of it, but I think she also told my mom to give me lots of treats each day.  As you can see, I still have all my whiskers in tact…but boy did that really give my mom a scare.  She had so many friends on facebook that sent her some messages about my speedy recovery.  As far as Apple is concerned, she keeps checking on me and giving me lots of kisses.  But right now she is hunting down a fly that managed to get in the house.  My mom tells me I am a hero, but I would have done that for any of my friends.  Thanks for all your warm wishes.  Right now my favorite toys are squeeky kinds and balls and sometimes when I am lucky I get a bully stick to chew on.  Feel free to send me some get well presents, it would be most appreciated!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy