I have been doing a lot of contemplating since I went to one of my best friends memorial service.  I still can’t believe she is gone and as I sat in the service I really wanted to share what she meant to me, but I was crying so much I wasn’t able to share.  Her friendship has touched me deeper than most. 

Teresa was probably one of the nicest friends you could ever wish for.  She always had your back and as I look back over the 15 plus years of our friendship I don’t think we ever had a fight. 

Teresa through her example taught me to never back down.  She showed me through her courage how to live.  When I left San Jose that was the one and only time I ever saw her cry…actually we both cried.

My buddy, Mike and his wife and I are going to run our next rock and roll half marathon in her honor, I know she would have liked that. 

Today in your writing are you living to your utmost?  What if you had no more tomorrows, what would you do differently?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy