I heard this statement a long time ago and I never really thought much about it.  It came up recently and I started realizing how truly “true” this phrase is.  Time is an amazing thing.  It heals our hurts, it gives us insights and it is an amazing teacher!  When I have looked back on my life and I have tried to “rush” a process it never works.  When I have allowed the progression of time to take its course it always teaches me in just the  right way.

My business has just now celebrated it’s 3rd birthday here in the desert.  As with anything it takes time to first of all get your name out.  Get to know people and let people get to know you.  From my first classes I held three years ago to the classes I am now teaching I see that through the process of time how much my business has grown.  I am also happy to report that those first few students that I started with are still apart of my business!  It is exciting to see how through the process of time you grow, you learn and you become who you are meant to be!

As I look back through my journal I am excited to see the growth I have experienced, and mainly through using time as my teacher.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy