I just returned back to the desert after being gone for nearly two weeks.  Being a writer I find myself constantly making notes and thinking like a writer.  I usually have a pen handy and several notebooks with me at all times.  This time I spent away I made a conscious decision to do something I have never done before…to NOT write.  I decided that I would spend my time away instead of documenting and recording my journey just to be fully present.  I purposefully did not blog (as you can tell by my last blog entry date) nor would I journal or write.  I put myself on a writing fast and wanted to see if I could really do that.  The first few days were tough, I found myself wanting to document each day, but then I became aware of each day and each moment and encounter I had with those around me.  Instead I got to hear some of the most amazing stories of some women I encountered on my journey.  It lead me to believe even deeper that yes, every one does have a story to tell.  By being fully present I was able to listen to their story of their life and marvel at how wonderful it is to be alive.  Today in your writing be aware of all who enter into your realm.  Be fully present in all of your conversations.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy