Each time we put our pen to paper we are allowing our true selves to flow onto the page.  We release the tears, laughter, pain, joy…

We become vulnerable.  Vulnerability is a tough, tough thing.

It is one of my hardest lessons I have to learn.  I see it is one that I have to practice most often.

I feel safe putting my words in my pages of my journals or on my computer, but when I share the me, the real me…I become that little girl I used to be.

The little me is still very much inside of me.  She still hurts, she still cries and even still throws temper tantrums.

The beauty in the writing is bringing the little Tammy into the 48 year old Tammy and joining the two.

I suppose I will always struggle with vulnerability, but I hope that the more I write and learn to accept me, the easier it becomes…tammy-red tie

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy