The more I journal and explore my thoughts, words and feelings the more I get to see more clearly who I am and what my beliefs are.  One of my latest “aha” moments came via one of my friends.  It was through her that I “realized” that I do better with deadlines.  I find that I work harder if I know I have to produce something by a certain time.  Hmmm, interesting I thought to myself. 

It is true, I have a tendency to want to play, play and do more play.  Play to me may mean hiking, taking my hot yoga class, walking Courtney, bike riding, having coffee or happy hour with my friends, running, etc.  But what I also realize that play to me is also teaching my workshops.  I love to teach.  New classes resume at my office beginning on Monday and I am looking forward to seeing my former students and new ones also.

Have you realized something about yourself that you haven’t noticed before?  Sometimes it takes our friends to show us, but many times we can come to the realization by doing some writing and exploring. 

I am grateful for the deadlines in my life, they keep me on track so I can then go and play…

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy