Today marks day 10 of my Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge!  I am happy to report that my side kick, Melanie and I are doing a fabulous job.  At last count we completed 16 classes in 10 days (I guess we are overachievers, and maybe Melanie may even have one or two more than that, but I know at least 16!). 

I love a good challenge, just give me a chart and watch me go!  I remember when I did the 60 day Bikram Yoga challenge in San Jose they had a sticker chart where you put up a sticker each time you attended.  I was so motivated to watch my stickers go, I believe I did the 60 day challenge in about 42 days, thanks to lots of doubles. 

What motivates you?  When you feel stuck in your writing do you need a sticker chart to motivate you?  What is challenging you in your life right now?  The challenge always existst to make ourselves better.  What can you do today to make your life a bit better today than it was yesterday?  Consider this and if you need to make a sticker chart, go ahead.  Just list what you want to accomplish and go for it!

I hope you will be joining Melanie and I on June 3o as we celebrate our 30 day challenge at 3rd Corner Bistro in Palm Desert.  Remember, Melanie and I are also abstaining these 30 days from caffeine, processed sugar and alcohol.  Come celebrate with us at 4:30 on June 30th~

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy