Henry Matisse has said: creativity takes courage.  I think as writers and artists it does take courage.  I have always felt that creating takes you closer to the core of your soul.  What I love is that creating (whether it is writing, painting, drawing, gardening, etc.) is something that you can do for yourself every day, like exercising or eating chocolate or hugging the people you love.  Creating is a way to seek balance between tasks and rewards, between work and play, between giving and receiving.  But creativity can be a scary word loaded with preconceived expectations of “artistry” and “inspiration,” of something for a limited few.  Even our own expectations can be a roadblock to creating.

Today in your writing take the courage to speak your truths.  Do you have any preconceived ideas that may be holding you back?  Examine them closely then dig in!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy