is a good one!Courtney listens to every word Melitas tells her!

The other day Courtney and I were over helping Melitas with her newsletter when she yelled…”stop the presses!  It’s happy hour!”  While the Warden was out Melitas announced that she was going to go out in the backyard to pick some limes.  I followed her out because I had a feeling that in the “rule book” there must be something about no picking the limes in the back yard.  I tried to convince Melitas that I would pick some nice ones, but no….she insists on doing things herself!

So I stepped outside with her and the next thing I know Courtney, the wonder-wiener went under the tree and brought a lime right over to Melitas.  She even very gingerly put it in her mouth and then put it down and rolled it right over to her. 
Once inside the house Melitas set up her glasses and I am proud to say that Courtney was a great student.  She watched every step of how to make the perfect drink…tequila on the rocks.
Melitas has two big fans, Courtney and me!

Courtney says..."melitas, is that one lime or two?"

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy