My dog Courtney has always loved cats.  The problem is they don’t like her!  Since she has gone blind she now can sniff and try to find them, but can no longer see them.  She now uses her sense of smell to help her navigate her surroundings.

What in your life do you no longer have that you now have to rely on your other senses to help you out?  As we get older you may not feel as steady on your feet or your hearing may be going.  Maybe in your writing life you find it hard to print so you move on to the computer.

Many lessons I have learned from my dog and one of them is that even though she doesn’t have the use of her eyes to navigate she can  follow her nose and still get around.

I hope that I can remember that when things get taken away to move forward and keep going!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy