DD DD Gore has been my student for the last 3 years.  Those of you who have had classes with her have grown to love her just as I have.  She got word last week that she has stage 3 Lymphoma and will be undergoing some intense chemo therapy treatments for the next 6 months.

I had the privilege of sneaking in to check on her this morning and send her some good energy.

Students of mine don’t just stay students but we become connected at a deeper level.  When we write together and share our stories we share our love, heartaches, sadness, joy, pain.  We connect with a heart connection.

My business is heart centered so I connect not just as a writing coach but as a friend, even as a member of my family.

Let’s all continue to remember DD in your thoughts and prayers.  She would really appreciate it!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy