One of the great things about women is our need to connect with other women.  On Monday I spent a full day traveling out to Temecula with some of my closest friends.  We talked, we laughed and we shared and of course we drank wine.  The beauty of our friendship is that we enjoy being in the company of each other. As I examined this picture that was taken by a random man drinking champagne, I was struck by the fact that as you look at this picture we are all touching each other!  We all connected. Our connections with our friends can take place in a variety of ways.  Maybe you connect with your friends because you are in the same golf league, or you enjoy the same books or movies.  Maybe your closest friends are your neighbors or your husbands are colleagues. 

We meet our friends at various places and at various ages of our lives.  I always look forward to connecting with the women in my life.  I love meaningful conversations and the just play fun of hanging with those I love.

Today in your writing look at the connections you have with your friends.  What are the different ways in which you connect.  I was joking with Lynne on Monday and I told her that when she is looking for her “tribe” members she needs to make sure they like good food and wine!  If you have not found your “tribe”  yet, they are out there, probably looking for you, too!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy