Reflecting on the events of the last two days…Several months ago my student Ginni kept talking to me about this amazing writer named Jennifer Lauck.  She kept raving about her and telling me that I needed to get her to come to my conference.  Ginni is a huge reader of great books and when she mentions a book as being well written then you know that it is.  Ginni was absolutely right, when she recommended the book to me I was stunned.  The story touched my heart so much and the writing was beautiful.  Plans were made several months ago and Jennifer agreed to come to our conference.  I assured her that she would meet some amazing women and that I thought she would be able to come back and do some future conferences.  I picked up Jennifer on the Friday before the conference.  We went to Spencer’s for lunch before dropping her off at the hotel.  That evening we had the honor of dining at the home of Ginni and her husband Bob.  I am so grateful for the connection first of all between me and Ginni and then the connection between Ginni and Jennifer and finally the connection that I now share with Jennifer. 

Life is all about connection.  When we are open to connections the universe steps forward and provides us with exactlywhat we need at that moment.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy