Last Friday my friend Barb and I had dinner in downtown Palm Springs at a great restaurant called Birba.  When I asked the waitress what Birba meant she told me that it means rascal or a mischievious person in Italian.  I guess I have been a Birba all my life and have never realized it!  Even in my earliest memories I have always been a rascal.  I can remember cutting off my brother’s fringes off his cowboy coat and hiding them under my bed.  Then when I was in high school I can remember the teacher (at my christian school) telling us we could pick our own spanish name…I of course wanted to be called “Margarita”.  I don’t think she liked that and I know she really didn’t like it when she asked us on the first day of class who could speak spanish and I calmly raised my hand and began to spout out: “taco, burrito, enchilada…”  Actually the only real thing I learned in spanish class that I can recall to this day is “Cayete suboco ahora mismo”.  I am sure I am not spelling it correctly but it translates to shut your mouth right now.  That was all I can remember her telling me each day!  Then there was the time in elementary school that I tried to pass off that I broke my arm.  I guess the toilet paper cast didn’t look too authentic as the teacher made me go visit the principal.  Oh, and how can I forget my “braces” I put on my teeth from the foil and paper

I love my friends!

clip.  And of course who can forget the game I invented called Fig on a Stick.  (buy my book to see what a fun game that turned out to be!!)  Moving on to college, not just any college, but a bible college no less this birba was up to her crazy antics.  In my speech class we had a to give a persuasive speech.  Most of the other students were young men going into the ministry and they waxed eloquently about persuading the audience on the perils of sin or of persuading us of the bible as the word of God.  I got up when it was my turn and began with this: “Plain or Peanut, the choice is yours.”  I thought it was great as I spoke on the choice of plain or peanute m and m’s.  I don’t think the professor appreciated my speech very much.  Even now at the ripe age of 46 I am still having so much fun. 

Do you have an inner Birba that you need to release?  Explore today about how to have more fun in your day.  I posted the other day on FB that it should be against the law to have as much fun as I do.  I want to always be a Birba…how about you?

convincing wendy to become a packers fan!

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