I love this picture of my dog, Courtney.  She is in pure comfort and bliss.  Right now as I am writing this blog, she is snoozing again so cozy and comfortable.  Who doesn’t want to be cozy?  What would our lives be like if it was all about comfort and bliss?  Think about your times of great growth, it is usually when you stepped out of your comfort zone and had to come to the edge.  We all have different “edges” in our lives.  Most of us resist going to the edge because we know it will probably bring us some pain, discomfort or sadness.  Think about the times you have felt “stuck.”  Was it because you didn’t want to get close to the edge?  I know from personal experience that it is tough to move beyond the cozy to go to the edge.  Many times life continues to give us opportunity to grow by urging us to move beyond our comfort zone to the edge of what we know as safe.  Are you ready to grow today?  Are you ready to write that episode of your life that you have been putting off?  Are you ready to have that conversation with a friend?  Are you ready to make some changes and really mean it?  Then come to the edge!

Today in your writing, take some time to explore where the edge of your comfort zone is.  Try to even go a step deeper and make a commitment to “look over the edge” of your comfort zone and take ownership of whatever fears are holding you back from making those changes.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy