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Memories from the past…

Memories from the past propel me to the present and the future.  It encourages me to ask: What gifts am I finding in my life today?  What moments are hidden blessings?  What am I learning?  How am I celebrating?  What do I want to preserve to remember for myself and family?

Today is a beautiful day and the gifts I am finding today was going to Whole Foods (we don’t have one in the desert, waaah!) and enjoying the beautiful foods!  Buying delicious carmel and pear tea from Gypsy Rose Tea Company (the best!)

Hidden blessings are having my morning meditation and my little dog Courtney is laying beside me with her head on my knee.

I am learning to appreciate each day and marvel in its beauty!

I am celebrating by working on new summer curriculum!

I want to preserve my words to be a blessing to my family,  that I am writing down what it is I am learning about each new day!

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Time on a larger scale…

Writing my memoirs puts me in touch with time on a larger scale.  When I look through the pages, I see the movement of my life, the beauty of all its seasons, and all that life encompasses.  When you write you will have a treasure for a lifetime, not only for you but for your loved ones.  If we let ourselves we can flow through the past, present, and future, and find ways they connect.

My connection that I have looked at was that all of my life experiences have prepared me for what I am doing now.  As a little child being fascinated with listening to the stories of the older generation.  Visiting nursing homes in high school and always being curious…

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Expression of my truth…

In a way, journaling is similar to meditation: it quiets the mind.  The clock no longer matters.  When I journal, I lose sight of insignificant things.  I forget about how I look.  I’m no longer self-conscious. Trivial things disappear.  Unfinished conversations and overdue obligations and fleeting emotions are gone.  For just a little while, I become aware of only what matters in this moment: the placement of paper and words, this expression of my truth.

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In one of my workshops I talk about Kairos time.  It is a Greek term that is used when time has nothing to do with chronological time.  We usually do not recognize it when we are experiencing it, but only afterwards.

The creative pursuit of writing our memoirs makes us more aware of this expansive way of experiencing time.  Journaling can lead us to kairos time.  Think for a moment when you have been in kairos.  Is it during meditation or lunch out with your friends?  A great example of being in kairos time is to watch children at play.  We can learn so much for their example, or my dog Courtney seems to always be in kairos time.

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The Paradox…

It is easy to conclude that someone who spends a lot of time journaling their memoirs lives in the past.  A writer is consumed with images and stories that are not happening right now, but that happened yesterday or last year.  The paradox is that memoirs are not necessarily all about the past.  It is using the past as a tool to fully experience the present.  It is a way of allowing time to be still.  By taking the time to remember, we live each moment.  And we become more aware.

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Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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