I have been busy planning my September workshops and as I was looking over my list of students I thought of each one and each of their remarkable stories.  Yes, each one has a remarkable story.  I have not met one person yet who has shared their life story that I haven’t been fascinated by it.  Sure, some of my students lives are more exciting than others, but every one has a story to tell.  I want to know the story of how they overcame sorrow or loss or how they stayed married for over 40 years.  I love listening and learning.  One common theme that I have noticed in my workshops is that there comes a time in each of my writer’s lives that they come to a block.  What they choose to do at that point is always different.  Sometimes when they reach a block I can talk with them about writing through their pain, but other times they just quit and stop their writing.  We all have pain, but let me tell you this…once you write through the pain, you do get to the other side.  When my students finish my program (5 months of workshops) I always have a graduation ceremony and luncheon because it is a huge accomplishment to work through your life story.  Along the way you will gain new insights and appreciate the strength that it has taken to live a life that only you could have lived!  I challenge you to work through the blocks and if you need some guidance you can always email me for a gentle nudge along the way.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy