What are your beliefs?  Have you really thought about where they come from?  I have always said if you believe something to be true then it is.  If you believe you are going to have a “crappy” day, guess what…it will be!  If you believe you will have an amazing time, chances are you will.  What we believe we project.

As I work on my “vision” board of what I want to visualize for this new year, the more I think about it the more I see things that I want to bring to my reality.  There really is no “secret” to success, it is really about manifesting what you want for your life.

As you start this new year, what would you like for you and for your family?  Start right now by writing down what you would like.  Then picture yourself enjoying what it is you would like to have.  See yourself there.

This really and truly works, last year I was truly blessed with so many wonderful things that I imagined and received.

Let’s bring this back to writing as that is what I teach.  Would you love to write your story down this year?  Do you believe you can?  Most of our blocks in writing comes because of our belief that we are too busy to spend the time writing.  This year let’s take down those blocks of negativity and focus on what you can do.

I am here to help you every step of the way!  New classes start next week…
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