I have spent this past week traveling up the coast of California enjoying meeting new friends, wine tasting, bike riding, dog walking and kayaking.  The central coast is beautiful with its majestic shoreline.  Even though I love my desert, there is always a peaceful feeling when I am on the coast.  This trip was especially meaningful as I spent Christmas kayaking at one of my favorite destinations near Monterey, Elkhorn Slough.  I love it because of all of the seals and sea lions that surround you.  They jump right out in front of you in the water as they frolic and play.  That night I finally made it to my parents house and have spent a few days enjoying some of my mom’s home cooking.  I was able to spend time with my oldest son, Kent and my daughter Kristen and later today will be spending the day with my sister.  I am truly grateful that I can enjoy my family and then go back to my beloved desert that I love so much.  Later this week I should be able to spend some time with my two younger boys in the bay area.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy