Many times in our lives we get stuck. We may get stuck in our thinking and refuse to change our thought process.  We may get stuck in a relationship and not no how to get out.  We may get stuck in a job or a career and feel like we have no options.

One of the many great benefits of writing your life stories is that you can be creative.  Start writing down your life and looking at how your life has grown and changed.  Many times in the process of writing you will get inspired to do something differently.  Maybe it will inspire you to walk your life path journey a little differently.

Just like this little dog to the right, he was cold, so instead of just sitting and shivering he decided to take matter into his own “paws” and take care of business!

Start thinking about how you can be creative and what that would look like to you!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy