Memoir writing can give you a new kind of perspective.  Most of us are immersed in the experience of our life, caught up and busy and focused.  But, when you stop to write, you take a step back and get a different view.

Those of you who know me very well know that when I truly believe in something I immerse myself completely.  If you are my friend I will be there for you completely when you need me.  When I committed to running my first half marathon I immersed myself in the training. What are you immersed in?  Today I golfed with some friends and I realized when I was out on the course that in order to be a really good player you have to immerse yourself in the game.  So it is with life, what are you willing to immerse yourself in?  Sometimes I get writers who only want to dip their feet in the waters of writing and when it gets to close to feeling something they back out.  Are you willing to stop and write and take the challenge of taking a step back to get a different view of you and your wonderful life?  Let me challenge you to immerse yourself in the writing process today.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy