Have you ever just had one of those amazing days?  Today I feel like I am in a Disney movie and the birds are all singing around me.  Everywhere I have gone today people are smiling at me and spreading good cheer.  I have been loving today.  What is different today then say any other day?  Are they reflecting off my good spirit and cheer?  Have you ever had a day like today?

Maybe people are just feeling my energy from last nights amazing happy hour.  Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful love with me.

It has been said that the human mind thinks thousands of thoughts a day.  I was thinking that if that is the case, being mindful of our thoughts about ourselves and others is very important.  Spend the time cultivating your “garden of thoughts” and plant loving thoughts for you and about others.  One of the greatest things I think to learn is the art of being mindful.  Be skillful in the seeds you plant and how you nurture them.  Your life is your garden: keep the weeds out because that is one way in which you can personally beautify our world.  You owe that much to yourself and to those who receive the benefit of the seeds you drop along the way.

So today, if no one smiles at you, why don’t you be the first to smile.  Let them feel your goodness!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy