Do you remember that song “Sugar Sugar”.  Someone posted it on FB sung by the Archies.  It brought back such great memories.  Of course this picture of Courtney has nothing to do with the song, but I love it so I wanted to put it in! Actually she is wearing a davy crockett hat, but it reminds me of a Tina Turner wig. 

Want to go back instantly in time when writing your memoirs?  Put on some oldies and transport yourself back in time!  Who was your “candy girl”?  Who is the love of your life that you just can’t forget?  Remember back to that first kiss and write about it. 

When I was a pre-teen the popular groups were the Osmonds and the Jackson 5.  I loved Leif Garrett and had a poster of him in my bedroom.  I can remember my sister with her portable radio and I couldn’t believe how fast she could switch between the two popular stations KFRC and KLIV.   I can remember we used to call the radio station and request songs.  I love the songs of the 70’s. 

Who were your favorite groups when you were in high school?  I can remember when I was a freshman (the only year that I went to a public high school) and the school dances were all about disco.  Saturday Night Fever was a popular movie and guys were wearing their leisure suits and silk shirts…oh those were fun times!  Remember the bell bottoms and ditto pants? 

Are there songs today that you love listening to?  What memories do they evoke for you?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy