What a beautiful morning here in the desert.  The nights are gorgeous too!  A few nights ago I went out to Joshua Tree with a friend of mine and Courtney to view the stars.  In the distance was an amazing thunder and lightning storm and then slowly the stars came out at night. I put the top down in my little bmw convertible and made Courtney a cute little bed behind my seat.  She sat there for for hours and was so good watching all of the stars.  It is amazing how small we really are in reality!

Those of you who attended any of our summer series of classes I wanted to say thank you.  Pat and I had a great time teaching our workshops and look forward to presenting some more this fall.  I now have about 3 weeks off until I start up the fall workshops.  I am just loving life and hope you are too!

I hope that each day you make meaningful contact with at least one other person that crosses your path.

Enjoy your day!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy