This message is for any woman who has a story they need to tell.  And really, isn’t that all of us?

Whether you have a story that is a memoir or a novel that you are wanting to write, I have great news for you!  I am here for you each step of the way.  This past summer I had over 5 writers that came and stayed at my home to write with me.  There is nothing better than taking yourself away to focus on YOU!

The feedback I received from each writer was positive and uplifting.

There are so many options I offer for you to start (or complete) your story.

Let me list a few:

  1. The Online Writing Club: Come join the 2018 writing community from the comfort of your own home!  You will receive 14 months of lessons (starting with 2 bonus months, Nov and Dec) and mid-month an inspirational email to get you inspired and ready to continue on!  Each club is limited to only 10 writers so you won’t get lost in the shuffle…visit the page on my website for more information!
  2. Private Retreats: These are wonderful if you want to spend one on one time with me in my home.  I promise this will motivate, inspire and get your moving in your creative space.  I will treat you to home cooked meals, time to work with me and alone and a beautiful space to focus is all yours here in Washington.  (Or if you and a friend want to come write together, we can stay at a darling home on Lummi Island to write and explore on the page together!)
  3. Retreats! I have some wonderful things planned in 2018, Maui and Greece are two that I am really looking forward to!  (And if you are even thinking about Greece, this month if you email me I have special pricing planned and a great discount for you!  All inclusive which means once you arrive you have nothing to worry about!)

So as you can see, there are many ways to get motivated! I love what I do and let me help you love it as well!

Haiku Writer's Retreat

North Shore Maui, Hawaii

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy