I have to admit, I love the summer but what I really love is when it becomes football season!  Not very many of you know this, but I love football!  I mean I really, really love watching football.  I of course have my favorite teams…Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers top my list.  But when Sunday rolls around during football season I am glued to the set.  I really don’t care who is playing I just love a good game! 

One of my all time favorite players was Brett Favre.  (I was sad to hear the stuff that tarnished his career last year).  When I found out it was his last year to play for the Green Bay Packers I made plans to take my girlfriend and I to a Packers game.  Now, I know you will really only appreciate this if you are a true fan, but there is nothing like going to the actual Lambeau Field in Green Bay and cheering for your team in November on metal bleachers.  We even stayed at the hotel where the players stayed.  We enjoyed the whole fan experience, we got to the game early and sat up at the bar overlooking the players parking lot and watched the players all drive in.  Wow, what excitement.  Even now as I am thinking about football my fingers can hardly type!

So now you know…if it is a Sunday I won’t answer my phone…and any other night that football is on I won’t be teaching.

What are things that you love to do or watch?  Do you have a favorite sport that you like to watch?  How did you get into your sport?  Write about some stories that may go with your sport!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy