I had a great idea not too long ago.  I thought it would be great when the annual Gay Pride of Palm Springs came to town to have a “gay for a day” weekend.  This was our first annual and there were five of us who joined forces.  3 of us wore wigs to be festive and what a blast we had!  We met up in Palm Desert and drove out to the Birba restaurant in Palm Springs for wine and appetizers (Thanks Vince, Tricia’s husband for the ride!)

From there my idea was go where the gays go…the #1 gay nightclub in Palm Springs…Toucans for dancing.  We danced the night away…thank you daylight savings time for giving us an extra hour of fun! 

So what can we all learn from this experience?  Gay or straight, it doesn’t matter…we can all hang out and have a great time.  I think instead of having this great new tradition only once a year, we should consider more  often!  It is great to  dance, laugh and share each other. 

Today as you go about your day think of something that you have never tried before and go for it!  In your journal you could write about your beliefs and how they have changed throughout the years.  What areas are you less tolerant than you should?  Is there something that you need to reconsider? 

I am so grateful that I live in an area where diversity is accepted.  I want to love and accept all people!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy