I love being in gratitude.  I am thankful for so many things and I love being mindful of them.  I love looking forward to each new day and being mindful of those who cross my path.  Let me tell you what I am grateful for today.  I am grateful for all the women who have taken my workshops and who love me so much.  I am grateful that my 4 grown children are all healthy and doing well.  I am grateful that I have a sweet dog that I adore.  I am grateful that I am loved.  I am grateful that today when I went to ask about the oil in my car, my mechanic checked it and said I was a bit low and then put in 2 quarts of oil and told me no charge, I am grateful for the lady who did a wonderful mani/pedi for me today, I am grateful for happy hour with Pia and I am so grateful for living in a beautiful place and most of all I am grateful that I have the opportunity to each day to look at myself and make each day the best that it can be.  For those of you who crossed my path today, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a better friend to each of you.

Today in your writing, what are you grateful for?  How can you show those around you how much you appreciate them?  Think of someone that you would like to reach out to and tell them how much you appreciate them.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy