Today my middle son turned 22.  As I reminisced about his birth I was reminded that because of my 4 grown children this is why I write.  I write to preserve my legacy.  I write so that when I am gone my children will know that I loved them and thought of them probably more than they will ever know.  The birthday of my son reminds me that each day is precious.  Kurt Michael was actually due around Christmas time.  His name, if he were a she was going to be Lauren Noelle.  Kurt was late.  And those of you who have had children know that waiting is no fun!  On the day before his birth I saw my doctor and was told it should be very soon.  I went home that evening feeling achy and feeling contractions.  I remember putting my other two children to bed (ages 3 1/2 and 18 months old. ) The contractions began and I remember reading a Reader’s Digest and marking in my contractions (I saved this book and put it in his box of baby things!).  I was tired and fell asleep and when I woke up I knew the baby was coming!  I woke up my husband around 2 am and told him it was time!  He jumped out of bed and told me he would get the kids ready to go to my mom’s house (that was our plan to drop them off at grandma’s).  I told him no, the baby is coming!  Before I knew it, my husband delivered Kurt and he was laying in my arms.  It was a beautiful way to start out in this world, no glaring hospital lights!  We then called 911 which sent a hook and ladder fire truck with 4 burly firemen inside (the ambulance came later!).  Upon their arrival, I will never forget seeing these big firemen in their yellow slickers with the captain putting on rubber gloves asking how far apart the contractions were.  I pulled the covers down and showed them a newly born baby boy.  A few minutes later the ambulance showed up with a two women ambulance crew.  They cut the cord, my mom and sister showed up to watch the kids, and then Kurt and I were off to the hospital.  It was a great start to a wonderful life.  Kurt is full of surprises, even from the moment of his birth.  PS…when my next son was born 19 months later I went to the hospital at the first contraction…good thing since he was born within 2 hours of my first contraction!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy