The gift of reinvention.  How many times have you reinvented yourself?

As I have looked at my career as a teacher and writer I can follow the course of events and see that I have come closer and closer to my dream of who I truly am.

Each step I have chosen and taken has brought me closer and closer to what makes me truly happy.

I take note of what truly makes me happy and then I try to travel in that direction.

3 years ago, I played with the idea of living outside of the country, then 2 ½ years ago I set my intention and did just that.

I now have a much different life than I did a year or even two years ago.

One thing that has always been a constant in my life is my love of hospitality and encouraging other women in helping them succeed on their journey of writing.

I love nurturing the writer in each of us.

I am combining my love of teaching, hospitality and nurturing and offering private retreats at my home or if you prefer at a sweet little bungalow on Lummi Island in the beautiful state of Washington.

These all-inclusive retreats are exactly what you may be looking for.  Come away and let me give you the space you need to write, let me cook for you and take you away from all that is standing in your way of getting to your next step in your writing journey.

We will have built in time to work on your project, there will also be time devoted to things you would like to do outside of the writing time such as kayaking, sailing, or hiking the beautiful trails of the area.  Bring your passport and we can take the short 30 minute drive to the border and visit Vancouver, British Columbia and spend a day writing there as well!

Come away on one of my private 3, 4, or 5-day private retreats….

Give yourself the gift of writing and exploring.


"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy