Read the paper, turn on the tv and the news is everywhere.  The anniversary of the tragic September 11 nightmare is inescapable.  When I use that day as a writing exercise what comes out from my students is always unique and different.  This day is seared into our minds.  We can easily access it because it was so horrifying and unbelievable.  Last year I did this writing exercise with my students and found that 1 student in the group actually lived near that area during the attacks and the others were west-coasters.  The witness that each person shared was different, but the east coast student gave a completely different perspective of those of us who were miles and miles away.  Although we each “experienced” our own tragedy in our own way it had made an impression on each of us. 

What do you remember about that day?  What are the other significant blockbuster memories that you find easily accessible?  Are you able to access the happy times as easily as the times of pain or sadness?  Take a walk through your memory corridor and see what you recall easily and which memories need a little more coaxing.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy