Yes, it has been 23 years ago today that I gave birth to my 4th child, my youngest son, Kevin.  I can hardly believe that he is already 23.  Today I was watching a little boy and his sister eating a happy meal from McDonalds and I told my friend, it seems like just yesterday I was taking my kids to McDonalds for a happy meal.  I have so many happy memories of Kevin.  As I look over at Courtney I remember that Courtney chose Kevin when we were looking at the puppies.  Those two always shared a special bond together.  When Kevin was about two he was jumping off the couch and broke his leg…he had on a little cast, but that didn’t stop him.  Even with a cast he was active and while he was swinging from the swing in the backyard, he jumped off and managed to break his cast.  I remember everybody always loved Kevin.  As a little boy we would go to Chuck E Cheese and by the time we were ready to leave all these little girls would be saying “bye Kevin!”  He was always the little charmer.  When he was little he went to Kiddie Korral for preschool with his big brother Kurt.  Then when Kurt entered kindergarten my mom didn’t want him to be at Kiddie Korral by himself so he spent the next year at his grandma and grandpa’s house getting lots of extra attention.  So although he may have been a little behind in phonics, his social level was much higher than the other kids in kindergarten.  I think that year at his grandparents house was the best decision for him.  He worked in the garage with grandpa and to this day he has a special bond with his grandma and grandpa.  When Kevin was in kindergarten I was a cheer coach for the hs and jv cheerleaders.  I remember Kevin had a crush on one of the freshman girls…Lisa.  So when it came time to name the new kitten we found Kevin came up with the name Lisa…which is what we all called the new kitty.  So Kevin, you have given me many memories and fun times.  I look forward to when I get to see you again…happy birthday son…I love you so so much!me and kevblog 2-9c

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