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Mondays with Melitas – August 31, 2015

melitas aug 2015She may have a bum hand but thankfully she is right handed…she is still waiting to sign more books…have you ordered your book yet?  What a Life!

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Facebook Memories…

This morning when I woke up I was perusing through facebook looking to see what I had missed while I was sleeping.  The notification from facebook of memories from years gone by let me know I had memories to look back on.  rowdy darbyAnd then I saw these two little faces looking back at me.  I was immediately transported to the fun car ride with my student and friend Jo Ann Gill as we laughed all the way up to Idylwild together to visit our friends Ed and Paula and of course Darby and Rowdy.  I was brought back to remembering that I almost said no to this adventure.  I had been busy working on some new curriculum, but then something inside of me told me to go.  I was so glad I did because I didn’t know it at the time but that would be the last time I got to see Ed before he passed on.  And then a few months later sweet Rowdy passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

As I walked the beach this morning here in Baja I thought a lot about Ed.  His wife Paula was my very first student when I moved to Palm Springs 8 years ago.  I liked Paula right away, her smile, her contagious laugh and of course her writing!  I am not sure how long after we started writing together that she invited me to her home for dinner and I gladly accepted.  I remember when I met Ed thinking  he was the perfect partner for Paula.  He also had a great laugh and told the best stories.  It was like a tag team event watching the two of them tell funny stories and in the end we would all laugh so hard we were crying.  I love having those memories to look back on.  I also have the memories of visiting Ed in the Carlotta.  And as I look back I realize what an impact Ed had on my life since I never liked going to those places.  But one memory that sticks out in my mind was having dinner with Ed in the dining hall of the Carlotta with Paula.  He hadn’t been there long yet all the other patients came up to talk to him or smile at him.  Ed was just that way, he found a friend in everyone he met.  As I continued walking on the Sea of Cortez this morning the tears began to flow as I thanked Ed for being a part of my life.  He was the kind of man you would want for your dad or a favorite uncle.

So Ed….here’s to you…thanks for stepping onto the stage of my life, if only for a few brief years.  You made an impact on me that I will always remember.

found this heart rock on the beach today

found this heart rock on the beach today

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Today is August 25, 2015.  I am not the same person I was 10 days ago, and I am definitely not the same person I was 2 years ago and I am really, really not the same person I was 5 years ago.

10 days ago I learned I became a grandmother to this sweet little angel…Harmony….harmony sleeping1

Now I can’t remember what it is like to not think of her each day.  I wake up wondering how she slept the night before and I wonder what it will feel like to hold her in my arms.  I imagine her first smile and the first moment she looks me in the eyes and knows me.

I look forward to learning of her first steps, her first tooth, her first haircut.

Our relationship will be one that will be nurtured via Skype where I can see her and talk to her when I am here in Baja.

Today while I was swimming in the Sea of Cortez I could see her swimming with me here on vacation with her parents.  I think she will love the life that she will live.  She has two parents that love and adore her and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.

We will all have a special bond with her.  She will be about a month old before I can hold her in my arms but my heart already knows her and loves her.

I know there is nothing like a first time in anything in your life.

2 years ago this week I had my first retreat up in Big Bear, California and it was at that retreat that I realized that was the direction I wanted to take my career.  And I did.  I know that there is nothing that I can’t do once I set my mind to it.

So Sweet Harmony, I want you to know that we will have many adventures together as you get older.  You will always hold a special place in my life and heart and I am forever changed because you have entered this world.

I love you precious one….

You can call me Grandma, Abuela or Bubbe….

harmony sleeping2

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Mondays with Melitas – August 24, 2015

Melitas will be back next week…until then you can always read her back blogs by checking out the archives section.

book signing 1b

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Mazel Tov….

Approximately 3 years ago I began a journey that I didn’t quite comprehend at the time.  It was one of learning about the Jewish faith.  I have always been a student of religious text and when I came to Temple Isaiah in Palm Springs something deep inside of me was stirred.  I met with Rabbi Sally within a week and told her about my life and my journey. She encouraged me to take a class to learn about Judaism.  I felt like I had been wandering in the desert for months and finally found water.  I literally studied all that I could study, I attended services on both Friday nights and Saturday mornings and then I made up my mind that I wanted to convert to Judaism.  I knew there was a lot to study, but that never stopped me.  It was two years ago today that my journey really began.  Two years ago, I traveled up to Los Angeles to the Mikveh to meet with the Rabbi’s for the conversion process.  Sandie Ovesen and I were both ready, or at least Rabbi Sally felt we were ready.

It is as though it were yesterday sitting in the back of the car as our friend Barb drove us there, with Rabbi Sally sitting up front.  Sandie and I were so nervous as we looked over our notes.  That day was one of the most memorable days of my life.  Sitting across from the 4 rabbis and with Rabbi Sally by my side I answered all their questions.  I have never felt such pride as I then prepared for the Mikveh.  Studying Judaism and my faith has been one of the best things I have ever done.  I love my Judaism, so much so that I continued studying, with my friend Sandie and prepared for a batmitzveh on my 50th birthday (last November!).

So even though I have now moved away from Temple Isaiah and I live in Baja where there is no temple.  I still honor my love of Judaism by reading my Etz Chaim and chanting my prayers and lighting my candles each Shabbat.  I know that what I have learned has prepared me to live my life as a Simcha (happiness and joy!).

My Hebrew name is Eliana Eliza.  Eliana means G-d has answered me and Eliza means Joyous one.  I feel as though I embody both those names.  I love my faith and I will spend each day of my life practicing Tikkun Olam (healing the world).  May all those who cross my path see that although I am only one person, I can change the world one person at a time.

Mazel Tov to those who have shared this journey with me…Rabbi Sally and Sandie Ovesen, you have inspired me each day and I am forever grateful that you are in my life.  Dorys Forray, I thank you for getting me started on this journey and of course my best friend Barbara Kane, I am glad that you have been inspired by my learning and encouraged me to live my faith!

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Always proud to be Jewish

jewish mom pic

Courtney and Bruce


awwww! it is official!

Left to right...Mikveh helpers, middle Rabbi Sally, me and Sandie

Left to right…Mikveh helpers, middle Rabbi Sally, me and Sandie

yes, I am beaming!

yes, I am beaming!


Here is where we traveled to


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