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1,063 miles…

1,063 was the number of miles I ran this year.  I wore out 3 pairs of shoes…I ran 12 half marathons…one 5 K turkey trot and one 5 K Santa Paws run…

2012 was also the year that I worked on my vision board.

This was a poster board where I placed all the items that I wanted to receive…can you believe everything I asked for I got!

I am currently thinking of what I want for 2013…

2012 was an amazing year…I learned so much about myself…I grew…I became more of my authentic self.

2013 is going to be even better…I hope you each spend time today reflecting on your year and imagining what 2013 will bring your way!photo (35)

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Who are you rooting for?

Many times in life we have to choose who to “root” for.  If you love sports you may pick a team that is from your home town.  Courtney and I love the Green Bay Packers.  Each week we get on our Jerseys and cheer for our team.  Each year as the season comes to a close I get a little bit sad as I really miss my football!

As I think about being a fan, it causes me to reflect on who roots for you?  Are you a fan of your life?  Are you cheering yourself on to be the best you can be?  Write and reflect upon 2012 and see where you have grown.  Now write and visualize what you would like for 2013…how can you be the best?

If you didn’t make it to the “superbowl” this year, make 2013 the year that all your dreams come true!

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26 Acts of Kindness

I read an article recently by Ann Curry and she shared that if you do good, you’ll feel good.


By Ann Curry, NBC News

After being in Newtown, I woke up the next morning and thought about what could be done. What is the answer to this kind of national suffering?  And I remembered a moment on the edge of Darfur, when I came upon a woman who was elderly and in the hospital, recovering from burns after an attack by Janjaweed militias. She was surrounded in the hospital, by younger women carrying babies, and I asked her to tell the story of how she had suffered these terrible burns all over her body. I learned that she had tried to rescue her invalid husband when her village was attacked and her house was set on fire. She tried to carry her husband out of her house and stayed so long that the thatched roof of her house came down, the hot embers giving her 3rd degree burns.  But she was unable to save her husband. Her husband died.

Ann Curry’s inspiration for #26Acts of Kindness dates back to an experience she had while reporting on the genocide in Darfur in 2007, and the joy that giving Polaroid pictures of children brought to mothers who had never held a photograph of their kids.

I remember walking out of that hospital, and the producer saw the look on my face. He said, “Are you okay?” And I said, “No.” And without even thinking, I remember going to our team van and pulling out a Polaroid camera I had brought on that trip. And then I went to all of these women with their children who were in the  courtyard of the hospital, knowing that they had never owned a photograph – ever – of their child. I went around from woman to woman, and I took pictures of them, I took pictures of them with their child, or just of their child alone – without even thinking, just snapping pictures. The first time I did it, I remember giving a photograph to a woman, and she looked at this black square with this quizzed look on her face, and I said, “Just wait one minute! Just wait one minute,” holding up one finger. And then I watched her face melt as she watched her child’s face slowly appear on that Polaroid.

It made me feel better. So I went from mother to mother to mother until I ran out of film.

After the experience in Newtown. I thought, “What if? Imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for every one of those children killed in Newtown.” So that’s what I tweeted. And guess what? People committed. I said in my tweet, “I’m in. RT if you’re in.” Not only did they commit to 20 acts of kindness, they wanted to up it to 26 acts of kindness for every child and adult who was lost at the school. Some even debated maybe we should include the mother, who died, at 27 acts. Some debated maybe we should include the killer as well as he was struggling and in pain.

What’s really remarkable to me is how many people responded. They are the ones who carried the ball. They are the ones who chose what to do. People would tweet back, “I’ve done two!” “I bought coffee for a guy in line!” “I bought toys for homeless children!” “I’ve got 18 more to go!” or “24 more to go!” – whatever number they were trying to reach.

I was inspired by them. So I started tweeting about what people were doing. Some people thought it was boasting when they would say “I’ve done this” or “I’ve done that.” I don’t think so. I think that whenever you show by example an act of kindness – big or small – something that spends a lot of money, or because you don’t have the money, something that doesn’t, all of it is welcome.

There is no judgment. I think that’s the key. If people want to do it, great. But I think that if they do it, something great happens to you.

When I was tweeting, I noticed that the number one trending topic was something like “ThingsIlikeaboutmyself.”  I thought, “Well, if you do act of kindness, I bet you’ll like even more about yourself.” So that’s what I tweeted.

I know the truth: if you do good, you feel good. It’s the most selfish thing you can do. Right now, this country wants to heal. I think the only thing comforting in the face of a tragedy like this is to do something good with it if you can. Be a part of that wave.


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Running and Contemplation…

Yesterday was a gorgeous December day here in Palm Springs.  Since I had nothing pending on my schedule I laced up my shoes and headed out the door.  I was curious to see the distance from my door up through the beautiful Las Palmas neighborhood, all the way near the mountain to the entrance to the Indian Canyons.  The run was breathtaking with the clouds over the mountains and the blue, blue skies of our desert.  The final tally was 7.05 to the entrance and the total round trip I ran was 14.1.

I beat my most run distance by 1 mile.  The amazing thing was that I felt so good running yesterday.  My mind was focused on the beauty of the moment, my legs felt strong and no pain.

I contemplated about my new 2013 visions and goals.  Last year I created a vision board on what I wanted to come my way for 2012.  I am happy to report that what I dreamed and desired for the year I brought into my life.

I am a big believer in the power of visualization and believing that we can have what our heart desires.

This next year I know will be even bigger and better than previous years…

Have you ever created a vision board?  Why not make one this year…dream…dream big and watch what the universe provides for you!
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Mondays with Melitas – December 24, 2012

I know you have all tuned in to see what Melitas is up to today, but as you can tell from the pics she has been reading the paper and eating.  I (Tammy) have been busy taking care of her for a few days while the warden is out of town.  As you can see by the picture on the right hand side that is my computer at the bottom of the screen and there she is reading the paper again.  I was busy working on curriculum but nope, not Melitas.  She needs to keep up on all the activities of the Coachella Valley.  I have been keeping her very busy so hopefully her blog will be ready by tomorrow.  Check in tomorrow to see if she is ready to write!
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