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When did it all begin?

And tell me again Sandy…

Yesterday I was at my chiropractor’s office and she asked me the question of how and when I got into wanting to record my student’s stories. As you can see from my older sister’s shocked expressions, she didn’t realize a  baby could talk, but then again I wasn’t just any ordinary baby.I came from the womb curious, wanting to know what people thought.  I wanted to know why my sisters hair was brown while I had blonde fuzz on the top of my head.As I grew older I would find the lives of others fascinating. I can remember a trip back to Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents.  My parents and brothers and sister and grandmother were taking a day trip to visit the local sites, but I wanted to stay behind to be with my grandfather.  I can still recall vividly that day of looking with him at all of his coin collections as he shared what he knew about the coins.  We spent time together talking and sharing and I learned so much about him that day.The more I talk to people the more fascinating it is to learn that it is true every body does have a story to tell.I am honored each time I hear the lives of those around me.

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Teaching my mom…

Can Melitas look any cuter?

On my birthday I had the privilege of having my mom join my class.  The topic for the workshop she attended was focusing on childhood memories.  The first question I presented was what was your first experience with death.  The students wrote and when it came time to share I think each student cried as they remembered an early pain.  My mom shared a story I had never known before.  I never knew she had a younger brother who died at the age of 2 1/2 from diptheria.  I learned so much about my mom during those 90 minutes.  I wish she lived close enough to come weekly to my classes.  I want to know more about her life and her stories before she forgets completely.  It is heartbreaking when you see someone you love start to lose their memories…

My mom sharing her story with the class
Melitas, Me, My mom, and the Warden
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48 years ago today…

This is one of my earliest pictures.  I am being held by a woman named Nelly.  Nelly was like a mom to my mom and like a grandmother to me,  my brother and sister.

Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me.  I reflect on the life that I have lived and the previous year in particular.

My 47th year has been amazing and I am looking forward to my 48th year. 

This year I have made so many new and wonderful friends that have enhanced my life in every way.

I have moved into a beautiful new space with my precious dog Courtney.

I have run 10 half marathons (2 more are scheduled before the end of this year).

I have been taking conversion classes with Rabbi Sally at Temple Isaiah.

I am grateful for all that I have…and I am looking forward to being 48!

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Mondays with Melitas – November 26, 2012

Dancing the Sunday afternoon away … and here is the true-blue type of attendee at the Sunday sessions — a Barefoot Isadora Duncan.

For life of me, can’t remember their names. Here’s the piano, bass, and drums. The sax man can barely be seen on the left. They were a great group and all lived in the area.


This little lady just felt like entertaining — didn’t who she was — but she had the audience enthralled so we didn’t drag her off with the hook.

Here is Eydie, our featured song gal on weekends. She would belt those ballads out from her great big heart. Everybody loved her.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, well, that’s already a big fib — there were no quiet Sunday afternoons! Here is Mary Ann McCall, great singer in the Big Band Era. Met her in Hawaii when she was appearing at my old friend Annie had class acts at her night club half a block from the beach in Waikiki. She and her husband Norm stopped in to see me at the Barefoot, and before long she was singing her little heart out to the enjoyment of all the crowd. That’s my jazz ensemble who were thrilled to be backing her.





Again Eydie in her inimitable way. Always the kerchief. By the looks of this photo, she is performing a popular love song of the era. What memories for me.










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You are invited to a very special luncheon!

graduation with tammy coiaIf you are in town on December 7th, please make plans to join us at celebrating the writing success of Katrina Bias.  Katrina has just completed her first book entitled: Lessons Learned.  She will be on hand to sell her book and sign them for you.

The cost of the luncheon is $35.00 which includes a delightful afternoon of listening to several of my students share their writings and a delicious lunch.

The time is from 11-2 at the beautiful Heritage Palms Country Club.

If you are interested please rsvp by Wednesday, December 5!

This will be a special luncheon you won’t want to miss!

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"Because of Tammy I have found confidence in my writing and feel blessed to be honored in such a way. I have found my voice. I have found freedom! I recommend anyone for whatever reason to expand their life and sign up for her writing workshops or classes. You'll be amazed at how good you are and how everyone has a story worth telling. Sign up and set your voice free!"
Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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