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Mondays with Melitas – December 26, 2011


     Whaddya know!!!  I gotta tell you don’t EVER stop wishing for something you really want — your wish may just come true.  Take a gander at my Christmas present that Santa brought me this year. The trouble is I don’t have much of a throwing arm, and it’s later than I think with the legs, but what a thrill — finally.
Now then, I am going out here in the neighborhood and mosie around to find a few kids to join me in a game with my brand new football.  I will tell them we will have to play “touch” because there is no “tackle” left for me.
Too much Christmas for more.                          MELITAS FORSTER
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The Gift of Patience…

I was thinking this morning as Courtney were walking that she has been so very instrumental in teaching me the gift of patience.  Now that she has been blind for over two months we have both adjusted as best as we possibly could. 

We used to walk for miles and now due to her blindness her walking is very slow and timid.  My life used to be in the fast lane with Courtney but now I have slowed down to enjoy our leisurely strolls. 

What has life been teaching you lately?  Are there some gifts that you have not discovered about yourself that you need to think about enjoying today?

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Top of the World!

  For those of you who celebrate Christmas December 24th marks the eve before the big day.  When I was a kid it was all about the presents and of course the yummy food.  Now as I have entered into my 47th year of being alive each day is truly a celebration.

This year I have been enjoying lighting my menorah each night of the Hanukkah celebration and enjoying all my friends and family that has been visiting me.

I feel as though I am truly on the top of the world this year as I celebrate with my daily photo journal of all my activities.

When have you been at the “top” of your world?  Has the time come and gone?  Are  you ready to really begin to celebrate each new day?  One way to celebrate is to make plans now to attend our 2nd Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference on January 21st.

You will definitely feel renewed and encouraged to continue your life journey not just as a mere traveler, but ready to take on the world and be at your very best.

For more information on this fabulous conference visit my website at

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Making memories…

  There are so many opportunities to make memories.  This week my daughter, Kristen has been visiting me.  We have been having a great time hiking and doing great mother daughter activities. 

This time of year you may be struck by all the memories that come to you.  Many times our memories come around the holiday season. 

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago at this time of year?  What are you doing this year that is making your life even better?

Have you had to say good-bye to family or friends this year that are no longer with you?  I have had a few losses this year with the death of my father and one of my best friends. 

I like to cling to my memories of the times I have had with those I love. 

Today in your writing take some time to focus on some memories of those in your life right now and those who are no longer physically with you.

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Read to learn what you like in memoir…

I love my memoir book club.  We are a small but mighty group of women who love being together!  (hey…why am I the shortest one in the picture?).

This past month we read Diane Keaton’s book about her life and we all agreed that the writing wasn’t the greatest and even though we all loved Diane Keaton, if she wasn’t famous her book would not be read.

The beauty of reading memoir in particular is that you get to see how others have written their life and see what it is that  you like.  Our first book that we read as a group was called Take the Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell, now that is great writing! 

I am blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, smart and funny women!

If you don’t belong to a book group, start one…it is great fun!

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Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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