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Courtney’s First Scooter Ride!

For those of you who know me, they know about Courtney!  Courtney is my little black and tan doxie and she is the love of my life!  Today she went on her first scooter ride…it was adorable!  Pam put her backpack on her back and I slid Courtney in and away we went. Courtney was nestled between us as we took her on a ride down to dog beach in Huntington Beach.  Her ears were flapping and I could have sworn I saw her smiling!  Next stop to the dog boutique to buy her a pair of doggles.  I see lots of scooter rides in our future!

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San Juan Capistrano

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in San Juan Capistrano in honor of my student Melitas Forster.  It was so much fun exploring where Melitas came from.  We visited the mission and ate at El Adobe.  Melitas told me that this restaurant used to be the home of a woman that she used to visit when she was a little girl.  It was fun exploring the town where Melitas (who is now a young 92) came from.  I even got my picture taken on Forster Street!

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Beautiful Day In Laguna Beach

Having an amazing day in Laguna.  Started with a walk on the beach, then down to the farmers market for organic strawberries and cherries. Now heading for a ride on the scooter to San Juan Capistrano.  I plan on getting my picture taken under the street sign that says Forster Rd…named for Melitas’ family.  Melitas is my 92 year old student that I just adore!  Living life to the fullest is the best way to live!  Today in my writings I am focusing on gratitude.  Even this morning we saw about 10 dolphins playing in the waves…magical!

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Hot, Rich and Green

Last night I had the honor and privilege of attending a function in LA at the W.  It was for the book launch: Hot, Rich and Green.  Pam Sterling was one of the featured women business owners that are making a difference in our world.  It was inspiring to be around so many women who care about our environment.  Pictures are posted on my fb page if you would like to see them.  It was an amazing event and I was so thrilled to be attending.  I am looking forward to the next event on June 12 which will be the women of the green generation event, can’t wait!!  I think my business is a “green” business as well, since I inspire women to “recycle” those memories!

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Memories are everywhere!

I love walking along the beach in the morning.  This week the weather has been beautiful.  The roar of the ocean puts me in touch with memories of beach trips when I was young, the smell of a flower reminds me of walks home past the neighbors homes with the pretty fragrant blossoms.  Watching the birds in the sky and so much more.  If we allow ourselves to “see” back into our distant memories, there is so much we can remember.  I always believe that one triggered memory will release another until you are remembering specific details…what are you remembering today?

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Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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